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Invite your friends to move in, everybody wins.
Earn up to $5,000* when you refer someone who goes onto purchase and close on a New Home Co. residence. New Home Co.'s Family and Friends Referral Program is a great way to bring everyone and everything you love together.
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How do I participate in New Home Co.'s Competitive Buyer Referral Program?

If you have purchased a home with New Home Co., you can participate. The incentive will be received after the buyer you refer goes on to close escrow on a home sold by a New Home Co. division offering the Buyer Referral Program.  

Can I only refer a friend to the same neighborhood that I have purchased at?

No, you can refer a friend to any New Home Co. neighborhood that they are interested in across Southern, Northern California, and Colorado.  

Is there a limit to how many friends I can refer?

You are allowed to refer three new buyers annually to earn the special incentive. Each of your referrals that go on to purchase and close escrow on their home and close escrow on their home will result in an additional referral credit for you. The amount of referral credit will vary by each division participating in the Buyer Referral Program.

Which New Home Co. divisions are participating in the Buyer Referral Program?

Currently, the Southern, Northern California, and Colorado divisions are participating. (Sorry Arizona and Oregon residents -- your home state does not allow for referral incentives at this time.)