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New Home Co. stands by our homeowners long after their decision to purchase is made. We believe that the service and support we provide our family of owners starts on day one when they visit our models and extends years after as their new house becomes a home. Whether it be our award-winning Customer Care team, our creative Design Studio professionals or our friendly Sales Managers organizing and throwing a Meet Your Neighbors party, New Home Co. knows that every interaction we have with our buyers during their purchase experience is a chance to help build lasting and positive memories. Because at the end of the day, we don't just build homes, we BUILD BETTER LIVES.

As a homeowner, you will receive a one-year "fit and finish" warranty covering certain elements of your home. Each home is covered by a limited structural warranty which, depending on the state, can last up to 10 years and generally covers the foundation, framing components and structural hardware. Specifics regarding the warranty will be described in the homeowner’s warranty provided as part of your purchase experience.