Customer Care

daughter in house
the best foundations are built on trust
New Home Co.'s Built with Heart Customer Care program is defined by the commitment, passion and experience our Customer Care Team provides our family of homeowners, that begins with their first visit to a community and extends years after their new house becomes a home. We stand by our homeowners long after the decision to purchase is made because at the end of the day, we don’t just build homes. We strive to build better lives.
Service Contacts
Southern California
Call: (949) 382-7800
Emergency After Hours:
(949) 472-5518
Northern California
Call: (916) 771-2223
Emergency After Hours:
(866) 484-2402
Call: (480) 361-8681
Emergency After Hours:
(602) 698-0992
Call: (720) 541-5480
Emergency After Hours:
(720) 541-5480